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A commitment to sustainability shouldn’t just be buzzwords and vague slogans.


We strongly believe that a greener, more environmentally-friendly business practice is not only important for the planet, but also for a business’ future survival.


We don’t just talk about sustainability, we are 100% committed to renewable, ethical, and eco-friendly practices for our company, at all levels of operation.


We are committed to innovation, not just of technology, but of how we think as a company.


How we treat our workers around the world is a statement of who we are as a company.  We want our company to be somewhere people want to come and work.


Using the latest technology to further sustainability causes less damage to the environment, improves working conditions, and ultimately ensures the success of our business.

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Handing over the Earth


immago are always are the forefront of the latest sustainable solutions.


From our incredible ‘plantable’ seed hang tags, to our re-usable eco-packaging and bio-degradable plastic bags, we are always thinking about how to best look after the planet.


Science & Technology never sleeps, ideas evolve, and new, improved or enhanced offerings are always just around the corner. We are committed to offering practical, sustainable label and packaging solutions that minimise our impact on the environment.

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